Pain (NRS) 8 Intravenous ketamine; AED; NSAIDs; intermittent narc

Pain (NRS) 8 Intravenous ketamine; AED; NSAIDs; intermittent narcotics; antidepressants.   CRPS15 F/45 L5-S1 radiculopathy (disc)/20 years Dynamic, static mechano allodynia, all extremities; neurogenic oedema of legs; autonomic dysregulation; bilateral BPTI. Pain

(NRS) 8 AED; antianxiolytic; spasmolytics; antidepressants intravenous ketamine Depression CRPS16 F/41 Motor vehicle accident with BPTI on the left/14 years Spontaneous Maraviroc burning pain; mechano and thermal allodynia; autonomic dysregulation; neurogenic oedema; spread to ipsilateral cervical plexus and contralateral brachial plexus; weakness of hand muscles. Pain (NRS) 8 Intravenous ketamine; NSAIDs; AED; narcotics; antidepressants. Migraines; IBS CRPS17 F/31 Excision of neuroma of right foot/3 years Mechano and thermal allodynia; burning spontaneous pain; mirror spread; then to brachial plexus; autonomic dysregulation; neurogenic oedema; weakness. Pain (NRS) 9 AED; antidepressants; spasmolytics; memantine; narcotics; NSAIDs; intravenous ketamine. Depression; hypertension; hypercholesterolemia. CRPS18 F/52 Motor vehicle accident; BPTI/8·5 years Generalized

mechano allodynia; hyperalgesia; deep sensitization of muscle; weakness; difficulty initiating movement; positive Tinel signs of brachial plexus. Pain (NRS) 7 NSAIDs; AED; narcotics; antidepressants; intravenous ketamine; Staurosporine price intravenous lidocaine; ECT; spasmolytics. L4-L5-S1 radiculopathy; hypertension; hypercholesterolemia. CRPS19 F/48 Fell on outstretched arm; Thoracic outlet surgery/5 years Autonomic dysregulation; neurogenic oedema; hyperalgesia; positive brachial plexus Tinel signs; poor movement and weakness of the hand; mechano before and thermal allodynia. Pain (NRS) 8 NSAIDs;

AED; narcotics; spasmolytics; antidepressants; intravenous ketamine. GERD; migraine CRPS20 F/61 Motor vehicle accident. (flexion/extension neck injury)/5 years Generalized mechano and thermal allodynia; hyperalgesia; poor initiation of movement and weakness; autonomic dysregulation; oedema generalized from brachial plexus. Pain (NRS) 7 NSAIDs; AED; antidepressants; spasmolytics; narcotics; intravenous ketamine. Depression; hypercholesterolemia; Breast Cancer 1998. CRPS21 M/58 L4-L5 left radiculopathy; fell from 20 feet/5 years Sharp stabbing pain; mechano allodynia Left>Right leg; myoclonic jerks; atrophy; weakness; autonomic dysregulation. Pain (NRS) 8 AED; NSAIDs; narcotics; mexiletine; intravenous lidocaine. Hypertension; GERD. CRPS22 F/34 Fibroadenoma invading the right brachial plexus; two surgical biopsies/7 years Autonomic dysregulation; neurogenic oedema of right arm; weakness of distal right arm muscles; mechano and thermal allodynia; deep sensitization. Pain (NRS) 6·5 NSAIDs; AED; narcotics; antidepressants. Depression/panic attacks.

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