Through an approach using a co-culture derived from a mixed-cultu

Through an approach using a co-culture derived from a mixed-culture, our study further found that a novel species belonging to RCC grew in the anaerobic fungal subcultures. Therefore, the present study aimed to

identify this novel species and investigate its features in the anaerobic fungal cultures. PCR specific primers were designed to monitor Repotrectinib mw the novel RCC species growing in the fungal cultures and its distribution in the rumen. To better CBL0137 understand the novel RCC species, purification was also conducted. Results Presence of methanogens in the anaerobic fungal subcultures The methanogen diversity in the fungal cultures during transfers was shown in DGGE in Figure 1. As the consecutive transfer proceeded there was a reduction in the diversity of methanogens, resulting in only two strong bands on the gel of the 62nd subcultures. In order to understand the composition of the methanogens in the enriched mixed cultures, a clone library targeting the 16S rRNA gene was constructed for the methanogens in the 25th subcultures. A total of 66 clones were examined by riboprint analysis, and 13 phylotypes were revealed (Table 1). Two of these 13 phylotypes, represented by two clones, were 97.5%, 97.7% similar to Methanobrevibacter sp. 30Y, respectively. Ten phylotypes, represented by 62 clones, were 97.4% to 97.8% similar to Methanobrevibacter

sp. Z8. One phylotype (LGM-AF04), represented by two clones, was 93.0% similar to Ca. M. alvus M × 1201.

As shown in Figure 2, 12 of the 13 phylotypes were clustered into the “RO” cluster of the genus Methanobrevibacter. The phylotype LGM-AF04 was clustered with sequences representing RCC. Figure 1 DGGE profiles of methanogens in the mixed cultures. RF, rumen fluid; 5th, the fifth subcultures; 15th, the fifteenth subcultures; 25th, the twenty-fifth subcultures; Venetoclax ic50 35th, the thirty-fifth subcultures; 45th, the forty-fifth subcultures; 55th, the fifty-fifth subcultures; 62nd, the sixty-second subcultures; RCC: rumen cluster C. Table 1 Methanogen 16S rRNA gene clones from the 25th anaerobic fungal subculture 16S rRNA phylotype No. of clones Size (bp) GenBank accession number Nearest valid taxon Sequence identity (%) LGM-AF01 51 1260 DQ985539 Methanobrevibactersp. Z8 97.8 LGM-AF02 1 1260 DQ985538 Methanobrevibactersp. Z8 97.6 LGM-AF03 1 1260 DQ985541 Methanobrevibactersp. 30Y 97.5 LGM-AF04 2 1256 DQ985540 Candidatus Methanomethylophilus alvus Mx1201 93.0 LGM-AF05 2 1260 DQ985542 Methanobrevibactersp. Z8 97.7 LGM-AF06 1 1260 DQ985543 Methanobrevibactersp. Z8 97.5 LGM-AF07 1 1260 DQ985544 Methanobrevibactersp. Z8 97.6 LGM-AF08 2 1260 DQ985545 Methanobrevibactersp. Z8 97.5 LGM-AF09 1 1260 DQ985546 Methanobrevibactersp. Z8 97.6 LGM-AF10 1 1260 DQ985547 Methanobrevibactersp. Z8 97.5 LGM-AF11 1 1260 DQ985548 Methanobrevibactersp. Z8 97.

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